My leap: Headgirl?

I applied for the position of head girl. All it took was an application letter. I was then shortlisted from 17 other girls to a list of 8. Then the manifesto. Next came the interview, the panel: head girl, head body, headteacher, deputy headteacher. Then the husting. I tripped up. I really did. I started talking about fluffy socks and goats. WHY RACHEL??? It was so humiliating, I still cringe at the thought. I love public speaking but not on the spot. My manifesto was kind of cool, I got quotes from my friends about me…maybe had a goat in … Continue reading My leap: Headgirl?

My leap: Acapella 

I’ve been at my new school for six weeks and my greatest moment of pride so far has been performing in the Autumn concert with the acapella girls.  I never used to sing! Not even infront of my closest friends. I didn’t have the confidence! My parents can both sing (Dad you need to join the band as a lead singer) , so I took the odds that I could too. I started acapella with the encouragement of my close friend. We went and I haven’t missed a rehearsal since. I took the jump to perform “true colours” at the … Continue reading My leap: Acapella 

One Leap at a Time

How my life has changed in a FLASH… Friends: My day-to-day people I spend my time with are a completely fresh group of people. This is a huge adjustment as I don’t see or message my old friends as often. I’ve become skilled in introducing myself to new people and making new friends which is one of my favourite things as well as building my phone contacts list. I love my new friends, they are all so lovely and we have great fun together and we have so much in common it is crazy! Mornings: I now wake up at … Continue reading One Leap at a Time

My New Beginning…

How my life is changing so fast…

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Advice: Back to School

As many of you already know, I am moving to a grammar school to take my A-levels in the sixth form. Throughout this journey, I have learnt a few tips to adjust to the change, these also apply to starting a new academic year…

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