My New Beginning…

How my life is changing so fast…

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Advice: Back to School

As many of you already know, I am moving to a grammar school to take my A-levels in the sixth form. Throughout this journey, I have learnt a few tips to adjust to the change, these also apply to starting a new academic year…

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I’m back on the scene. Here is what happened when I touched turn back in the dance studio…

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Dancing with a stranger

Rustic and quirky pub. Live music. Worn and well loved wooden floor with antique furniture.  One brave move. I kicked off my brown clunky boots and walked 15 steps up to the open space by the piano. A slow mellow song. I danced, I had no plan or routine but I danced everything I wanted to say in exactly my own contemporary way. I was completely lost in the moment and the thrill of dancing spontaneously with an audience of people dining. The music stopped and a round of applause followed as I came out of my trance and walked … Continue reading Dancing with a stranger

Too tired TV

How much TV a lazy and sleepy teenager enjoying the rain with a fluffy cushion and too many boxsets can watch in a week (unless otherwise specified)… Miranda: Whole series -Classic British comedy which reminds me of my primary school best friend who loved this and reminds me of my childhood. -Easy to watch (perfect 4pm awkward afternoon time watching) and hugely funny while staying relatable The big C: Season 1 -It is about a mother who gets cancer which is serious but it is a comedy and is all expressed positively -Easy to watch and great characters once you get … Continue reading Too tired TV


-A piece I wrote in my English class. Bend my knees and jump. Doing the unimaginable. Falling. Or flying? My heart is pounding against my chest. Beating faster and faster. As descending further, deeper and faster. As quick as the air can carry me. Diving through cotton like clouds as a swimmer takes to water or a bird in flight. Carrying no weight as the air hugs me freely. Effortlessly plunging further, deeper and faster. Momentarily gliding like a feather sinking to land simply. The air smashes against me, cold and crisp, suffocating me but keeping me alive. -Stimulus: Skydiving like activities. Continue reading Falling

If your heart says to dance, shouldn’t your body follow?

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