Where did she go?

Ummmm….so?? It has been a while!! Where did I go?

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-A piece I wrote in my English class. Bend my knees and jump. Doing the unimaginable. Falling. Or flying? My heart is pounding against my chest. Beating faster and faster. As descending further, deeper and faster. As quick as the air can carry me. Diving through cotton like clouds as a swimmer takes to water or a bird in flight. Carrying no weight as the air hugs me freely. Effortlessly plunging further, deeper and faster. Momentarily gliding like a feather sinking to land simply. The air smashes against me, cold and crisp, suffocating me but keeping me alive. -Stimulus: Skydiving like activities. Continue reading Falling

If your heart says to dance, shouldn’t your body follow?

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10 Ways to Change Your Life

Life is fast. Constantly changing. Some changes you can control and some you can’t. Here are 10 to change your life for a healthier and happier you!

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Parrot Cake

Recently I made a marbled vanilla sponge cake cut into the shape of a parrot and then I piped different coloured dots all over the cake to make it look more like a parrot! I spent a while planning this cake and I want to pass on my top tips for planning cakes, it sounds like a simple thing to-do but you really have to know every detail of the cake your going to make! Top Tips for Cake Planning Think of a shape for your cake- for this cake I chose a parrot shape Think of the flavour of … Continue reading Parrot Cake