Inspired by a book of poems…

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One Leap at a Time

How my life has changed in a FLASH… Friends: My day-to-day people I spend my time with are a completely fresh group of people. This is a huge adjustment as I don’t see or message my old friends as often. I’ve become skilled in introducing myself to new people and making new friends which is one of my favourite things as well as building my phone contacts list. I love my new friends, they are all so lovely and we have great fun together and we have so much in common it is crazy! Mornings: I now wake up at … Continue reading One Leap at a Time

Advice: Back to School

As many of you already know, I am moving to a grammar school to take my A-levels in the sixth form. Throughout this journey, I have learnt a few tips to adjust to the change, these also apply to starting a new academic year…

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I’m back on the scene. Here is what happened when I touched turn back in the dance studio…

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Dancing with a stranger

Rustic and quirky pub. Live music. Worn and well loved wooden floor with antique furniture.  One brave move. I kicked off my brown clunky boots and walked 15 steps up to the open space by the piano. A slow mellow song. I danced, I had no plan or routine but I danced everything I wanted to say in exactly my own contemporary way. I was completely lost in the moment and the thrill of dancing spontaneously with an audience of people dining. The music stopped and a round of applause followed as I came out of my trance and walked … Continue reading Dancing with a stranger

Weekend Getaway

A summary of my weekend away alone to visit friends…

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Where did she go?

Ummmm….so?? It has been a while!! Where did I go?

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