My Leap: Hand over your fairy cakes

Feminism, retro, vintage, self-care…and more

Feminism? “My little pony”. 

We’re talking about gender equality here and so I surveyed a few friends at school and I found a theme:

“Feminism is good as long as it’s about making sure all genders are treated fairly…I think the reason some people aren’t so keen on feminism is because of TERFs and other radical feminists”

“It should be equalism instead of feminism”

Is Feminism being mistaken for the idea that women should be treated better than men?

For me, Feminism is equality, always…

  • I decided to study ICT instead of computer science at GCSE because I thought it was a “boy’s subject” and I didn’t want to be picked on even though I had the logical mindset to succeed in the subject. I now regret it.
  • I now study physics, a career branch mainly run by men, I feel expected to act dumb in my fields of subjects because I am a woman. Why is this?
  • I study psychology, why are there only two men in my class? Why are there more women than men in psychology? Do men not like it or is there a stereotype?
  • I dated a guy, why was he surprised to realise I brought my own drink? Is there a stereotype that men should provide or was he simply being polite?
  • I rarely shave my legs. I don’t think I need smooth legs to be “beautiful”. Am I being rational, would others disagree because of stereotypes?
  • I went for a walk with my two female friends, when was it ok for men to wolf-whistle at us? My existence is NOT to please men, thank YOU!

For me, Feminism is most apparent in education and identity. This is why I have joined the #HEFORSHE campaign to further my knowledge and to understand how I can make small changes in my mindset for a better society.

I agree that this idea of feminism should be known as equalism. We are equal genders. So is everyone in-between, I love that #HEFORSHE has an “other” box when specifying your gender. We need to adjust to our evolving society. I am not JUST female. But gender is a topic for another day.

Hand over your fairy cakes is an adorable company where I’ve purchased some feminism and self-care pin badges. They sell t-shirts, stickers, patches and more as well as for other themes. Check them OUT!

Can you reflect on my experiences with feminism as well as your own. What do you feel?



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