My Leap: I vow to myself

5min quick write

This month I started #TRUE 30 Day Yoga Journey made by Yoga With Adriene.

I made a commitment to myself on the 1st of January to spend time on my yoga mat following her video’s guidance and thinking further using her complimenting emails.

So far, 13 days in I have completed 12 practices. I wake up at 6am every day before school to complete my practice. I am grateful to have used this as the opportunity to carve out time for myself and develop my body to mind relationship while exploring different topics in everyday life e.g. motive, trust and soften.

Same time, same place every day! I feel stronger physically and proud of myself for following my commitment and my vow to myself.



One thought on “My Leap: I vow to myself

  1. That’s marvelous to have an exercise routine and stick to it. With all your dancing, I can’t imagine you need it, but that’s my personal observation. I pat myself on the back for walking six days a week. That’s pathetic, but better than nothing.


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