Self-care box

From days of crying alone to a midweek slump, this box of goodies is 100% unique to you and sure to soothe yourself to give yourself time to heal.

This is a box (or a bag), e.g I use a mini suitcase box from the works, filled with things that soothe all five of your sense and is personal to you. Some objects might be too big e.g. you can’t put your cat in the box but you can put them in an easy to access location.

This is what mine contains:

  • Sour sweets- This is a psychological restart button to your brain and a distraction, I have four different types some chewy and some hard e.g. toxic taste
  • Hot weather cooling spray- Same use as above, the temperature change helps
  • Calligraphy pens and a notebook- To remind me of something I love
  • Aromatherapy bath oils- To remind me to treat myself to a bath, the scent grounds me
  • Roll on lavender sleep solution- Perfect for the middle of the night moments, helps me calm down enough to sleep
  • Aromatherapy support breathe essence- Very strong but also clears my nose when I have a cold
  • Natural lip balm made by my yoga teacher- to remind me to treat my body to yoga and the love and appreciation I have for the practice, the smell makes me feel like I’m back at my yoga mat in class
  • Body shop strawberry lip balm- This reminds me of my childhood best friend, we loved body shop and the weird cordials we used to drink with water on a hot day. Mango anyone?
  • Body shop green tea body scrub- Replenishes my skin and makes me feel a little more awake as well as reminding me of Wagamamas (my favourite restaurant where they give you free green tea in cute cups)
  • Bath bomb- I still haven’t used this
  • A pen- So I can write my thoughts
  • Yorkshire soap candle- Named “Whitby bay” where I had a lovely day out
  • Body shop green tea hand cream- soothing
  • Train ticket from my trip alone to Leeds- reminds me of good memories

Next to my box I have:

  • Mindfulness colour book
  • Hygge book- I live and breathe hygge
  • My headphones- music works wonders
  • A fluffy blanket
  • A HUGE fluffy pillow to hug 🙂
  • Teenbreathe magazine- a lovely self-care magazine directed at teenagers with useful advice

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your very own box!



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