2017 and four months

2017? Oh am I glad it’s over but for me, my “new year” started on the 7th of September. So for me, 2017 has been and gone. What happened…

  • First date to costa
  • First kiss (that isn’t influenced by cider)
  • Exam results aka my birthday
  • 16th birthday, the day I felt old
  • Autumn concert with the acapella
  • Christmas celebration with my school “family”
  • Acabellas my leap of faith but new adventure
  • Oxfam society founder, yay!!
  • Open evenings to represent my school
  • Oxfam training courses
  • Running a TED talk society meeting
  • Senior choir, hallelujah!!
  • New friends that are part of who I am
  • Leila my guitar, white acoustic
  • First concert/gig
  • Psychology, a day without psychology is a day less lived
  • My maths study group- I love working with the minds of geniuses
  • My bus older sister, popcorn and outnumbered Fridays
  • Leadership roles somehow!
  • Rock concert audition and cast membership, let the dancer dance
  • Open evening speeches, huge step for my confidence
  • Application letters and speeches, great experience

Although these are really positive things and I have definitely overachieved so I’m taking some time to rest, there have been less beautiful moments. Heartbreak, low confidence, exam stress, WHY AM I SO TIRED, really long days, essays…

Some days are bad but some days are good but mostly I’m pleased I survived 2017, there were some moments when I thought I wouldn’t.

Here is to another year!


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