My leap: 2017 Music Wrap

So this makes me proud. Over a twelfth of my year has included music. This is undoubtedly down to dance and sharing music. I never miss a study session without my headphones and I always fall asleep to music.

Ben Howard is actually my favourite chilled artist, I actually listen to him most in the bath and on long car journeys.

Nothing but thieves is a favourite of mine, music up loud kinda songs. I’m not sure why but I love the vibe it gives.

CHANGE WITH THE SEASONS!! THE NIGHT CAFÉ! Favourite song of the year! I went to see them live and I loved every moment of it. Absolutely in love with everything they do.

Bros? I listened to Wolf Alice a lot more over the summer and surprisingly enjoyed it. “We’re not the same” is another really good song of hers, I find her new Christmas single a little different to her normal style but nonetheless love it! Bros, it’s about friendship. I remember at a camp out dancing to it with my friends (possibly too much red wine later), it was also a song I used to share with a friend, the lyrics are so beautiful.

I spent the first half of my year listening to pop music, the charts and only the charts! I now can’t stand it, it all sounds the same so this definitely isn’t representative of the mellow, rock, jazz, blues that I now listen to.

Do you guys want me to link my Spotify account to my blog? What’s your favourite song of the year?


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