Sixth form advice you’ll want to know


I know you’re doing your GCSEs now and you’ll be doing your mock exams soon. Learn to rest between these exams, don’t burn out. You can’t do anymore but make sure you’re in the right mindset for these exams.

You’ll be choosing your sixth form subjects. Three is enough, you don’t need four to get into uni. You might change your current career goal. Take at least one subject that you passionately love, this will keep you motivated. The other two, you can use to achieve your future goals, but please make sure you love them, are good at them or have a burning desire to do them. Motivation is the hardest but most important thing to maintain now. Look at your trio as a set. Do you love them? People who take subjects they hate are very stressed.

You’ll have a really long summer. I know you’ll be tired honey, you worked hard. Take this time to relax, meet new people, catch up on sleep, watch new movies, take new opportunities, take up new hobbies, get active, maybe volunteer. Now is the time to go to the music festival you always wanted to go to. Book it now. You’ve always loved music. Take friends with you and create memories.

I always knew you’d pull through, I always believed you’d complete the exams with all the intelligence I admired in you. Take a deep breath on results day, the worst is over. I’m so proud of you honey, no matter what.

In terms of year 12, use a folder for school work (dividers per teacher) and file it into separate folders at home (all lever arch). Improve your independent study skills, you’ll have lots of free time and I know you’re tired and by all means, rest but now you can’t cruise yourself through these exams. You’ve got to be able to apply your knowledge, there is nowhere to hide, live and breathe your subjects. Plan your revision and study periods for the best efficiency and to avoid procrastination. Remember: little and often You are resilient and organised so I know you’ll be fine.

You were tired over GCSEs , I get it, I understand; over the summer you grow older and your body won’t be able to maintain the early starts. This means you’ll feel more tired than usual. I know it is difficult. My advice is to learn to take 20min power naps (at home or on the bus to school). Get some noise cancelling headphones to help you out (besides they are great for music lovers). Keep strong and healthy.

You’ll have a sixth form kitchen now (a kettle and a microwave). Microwaveable popcorn (great to share) and pot noodles are popular. Bring a flask to school and keep topped up with tea. Even bring in your own food to heat up at lunchtime.

Maintain relationships with teachers (email them, meet them at lunch, ask questions etc) and students (create a google drive and share notes, collaborate on questions together, attend clubs (this is essential to being social and doing what you love).

At the end of the day make sure you’ve done something you love. Most of us binge Netflix, surf Twitter and plan our dream lives on Pinterest. I play the guitar, do yoga and binge youtube. I know you’ll come up with something.

Sixth form isn’t all about working. I hope you find your balance over time. I wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve to enjoy these next two years, you earned it!

Best wishes

Lots of love




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