My leap: Dancing a year later

Some of you may know that I was in a dance competition last year, I spent 10+ hours a week dancing (including GCSE dance lessons and my other dance classes) and most of my time in love with dance.

My company ended September 2016. A year later my teacher started up one class a week. Commercial. This is NOT my style by any means but it boosts my confidence, keeps me fit and social as well as giving me a creative opportunity to express myself.

Commercial, how do I say this, takes all a lot of confidence and sass to be able to dance. I never had the confidence to dance it before now but there is something thrilling about a Sunday evening with your dance family building on each others confidence and having fun. By no means does this dance class mean EVERYTHING to me like the company did but it is comforting to have it.

The funny thing here is when the company ended I sobbed for hours and I was low for a very long time. But it’s back, in a different healthier adjusted form, for which I’m glad!

Do you dance? If so what style? 


3 thoughts on “My leap: Dancing a year later

    1. Me too!! Can I have your email address by any chance? Maybe we can try being email pals? You seem so lovely and you’re a huge motivation to my blog x


      1. I’d love to write you via email. I’ve been told it’s not good to publish addresses. Could you go to my contact page from the menu on my blog site? If you let me have your address, I can reply to you, and you’ll have mine.


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