What actually happened

My birthday, results day. Was the happiest and saddest day.

I received my gcse grades. I proved my French teacher wrong…I got the A! I got my predicted grades and some more! I was on my school’s honour list. 

My phone buzzed all afternoon with all my family and friends (even ones I haven’t spoken to in years) wishing me happy birthday and asking if I got the grades I wanted. 

I received confirmation to study at the grammar school I’ve always wanted to go to.

My Mum’s bestfriend came to stay with us. We went out for dinner, I drank prosecco in my little black dress.

I lay in bed that night reflecting on the whole experience. The tears and stress I put my body under for those grades, the people who stuck through it with me. Not worth it. But I had never felt so proud. The joys my new school has brought me though? Worth it all.

I also said goodbye to so many people that day. All the friends from school that are at different schools to me that eventually I lost touch with. I miss them!

My TRIO of friends, we stayed together. We celebrate in each other’s achievements but being together is as if nothing has changed.

The night before I started my new school, We clinked our glasses to “new beginnings”…I’ve achieved so much already.
-The photo is me jumping up and down at my new school in excitement!!


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