My leap: My music style

This time last year I listened to whatever music was in the charts, without really thinking about it. Following the crowd. I took a leap explore my music style, to find some style that I loved. I dove into Spotify’s browsing features and asked for recommendations for friends.

Jazz: Turns out, working at a bookshop means you slowly begin to appreciate jazz and blues…B.B.KING!!!!!

The Campout: The moment my music style really grew was when I went to a double night camp out with some friends. We listened to music all day, we drank, we cooked, we danced and we gazed at the stars and clouds. The time flew by. I exchanged Spotify playlists with one of my friends, I found songs and artists I loved.

Close Friends: Once a week on a Sunday afternoon me and my close friend of 14 YEARS meet up at our favourite spot at the edge of a field, chat about our lives, complain and celebrate. We sit there until the sun goes down. We share music and bounce ideas off each other, her music has also influenced mine. Being able to share my music helped me to decide what I like and what I don’t like.

The Gig: I found a band…The Night Café. They are my favourite and nobody has heard of them so they are my secret gem. I went to a gig in a club to watch them live with a good friend of mine. I didn’t get home till very late (on a school night), I was covered in sweat, I had almost lost my voice from singing but I was BUZZING. They are at the centre of my music collection.

To Play Loud: Breakfast Muff, Panic!, Pink, Michael Jackson, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Amazons.

To Chill: The night café, Pink Floyd, Alabama Shakes, King Krule, Ben Howard, Kasabian, Coma Cinema, Mt.Joy, Radiohead, Sundara Karma, Cigarettes After Sex, BB.King, John Mayer.

For a Bad Day: Blow me (One Last Kiss)-Letting go. You Change with the Seasons-Moving on (MY FAVE SONG). Keep your head up-Staying real. See Me Now-Being proud. I’m Gonna Find Another You- Finding hope.

What music do you listen to?



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