My leap: Acapella 

I’ve been at my new school for six weeks and my greatest moment of pride so far has been performing in the Autumn concert with the acapella girls.

 I never used to sing! Not even infront of my closest friends. I didn’t have the confidence! My parents can both sing (Dad you need to join the band as a lead singer) , so I took the odds that I could too.

I started acapella with the encouragement of my close friend. We went and I haven’t missed a rehearsal since.

I took the jump to perform “true colours” at the concert as an alto. I made lots of friends within my group and there was a fantastic atmosphere of community between the different groups (choir, macapella etc). 
The song meant a lot to me. I’ve changed a lot over the summer and my “true colours” have been unleashed (a bit).

I loved every moment of the concert. Turns out…I can sing? Which is a little crazy but has definitely boosted my confidence to sing in front of people, unlike before.

I grow outside of my comfort zone…

On another positive note I have pushed my comfort zone again by auditioning for a national dance competition with my school, I have been given a large acting part which is incredible because the crew is so talented, it’s an honour to be selected! 

I’ve also dived into my school’s leadership team as a form representative, deputy house representative and a prefect. 

Singing, dancing, acting and leading. The things I’ve pushed my boundaries on.

I’m so proud 🙂


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