To finally say, “I made it”

I didn’t pass the 11+. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t. It allowed me to develop social and life skills at my old and dearly missed school. It allowed me to discover what I really want.

I want intellectual stimulation. I want to think and learn and grow.

I’m not proud of my GCSE years. I had poor mental health, several obstacles and negative attitudes/thoughts. Yet somehow I got into the grammar school.

Someone said “she has had a crush on this school since she was 11”, they are completely right. But through ever tear and cry, somehow, I ended up where I needed to be.

I have friends, I have kept true to myself, I’m taking subjects that challenge me, I’m in clubs that expand and challenge my attitudes and I have started my journey into student senior leadership.

I take an active part in my school’s community via clubs and societies. Though recently I branched into leadership (basically the higher authority school council). This meant I’ve written several formal letter applications, attended an open evening to represent my subject departments and finally…performed a speech. -Note this is something I would have NEVER considered, it takes confidence that I never thought I had.

I climbed a tiny mountain, and here I am…”I made it”.

Now I am faced with yet another mountain twice the size, filled with A-levels and personal growth.
-The cover photo is of a-level trigonometry identities…very fancy!! 


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