One Leap at a Time

How my life has changed in a FLASH…

Friends: My day-to-day people I spend my time with are a completely fresh group of people. This is a huge adjustment as I don’t see or message my old friends as often. I’ve become skilled in introducing myself to new people and making new friends which is one of my favourite things as well as building my phone contacts list. I love my new friends, they are all so lovely and we have great fun together and we have so much in common it is crazy!

Mornings: I now wake up at 6AM (not 6.30AM), I rise with the sun which I enjoy. I get ready so some old classics I LOVE, have a little dance party in my formal dress wear and I leave the house at 7AM to catch the bus. My bus journeys are now 45mins long and instead of listening to music the whole time I do extra reading for my subjects, meditation and socialising with friends.

Evenings: Coming home at 5PM (not 3.30PM) is different but it doesn’t bother me as school finishes at 3.30PM and the bus ride home is relaxing. I sit on the sofa and update Mum on my day over a cup of tea before showering and tackling any work I have. The time makes this a change to my old routine, by the time I’ve showered Dad is home from work and dinner is on the table!

Break: At school, “break” time is now spent either in the common room with my friends and fellow sixth formers or OneStop (corner shop) down the road. This makes a change from sitting on benches or standing outside in the cold. The option of going out at break as well as lunch is new!

Classes: I love my classes. I’m really passionate about my subjects which makes a HUGE difference in my work ethic and motivation. I am more independent in my classes by taking my own styled notes before filing them into my organised folders (I used to use exercise books) but I much prefer this system, it makes revision a lot easier!

“Study” periods: I now have these “study periods” which means I can study independently or with friends in one of the three study areas and I’m not in class. The choice of where to study is now an option. This also means that once a week I have one lesson and four study periods in one day! 24 Study periods a fortnight! I love having the independence to study as I have always loved studying and working hard.

Enthusiasm: Most of my GCSE years I was low with motivation as I had little choice in what subjects I was studying. Now I have full control over what subjects and qualifications I will gain in the next two years I have so much more passion and enthusiasm! This makes studying give me a feeling of empowerment but also engages me more because I am generally interested in what I’m studying.

My world had been turned upside down but now it has fallen into place where my social life and education have balance and passion. My fresh start and new phase of my life has started!





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