My New Beginning…

How my life is changing so fast…

New school: I will be starting at my new sixth form which I have wanted to go to since I was 11 years old. This will give me a new environment to work in, a new town to relax in with plenty of fresh opportunities available to me.

New friends: As much as I am still in contact with many friends from my old school, I will be spending my day-to-day time with a new group of friends and with new people and teachers in every class. I love making new friends so I am very excited for what awaits just around the corner.

New hobbies: Change is a key theme here, I feel as though I have changed so much over the summer including my hobbies of calligraphy, collaging, volunteering, music, 80s/90s movies, dance. They are very fluid and creative mostly allowing me to express myself as an individual as well as enjoy solitude in my own company.

New clothes: Due to my change in school, no uniform but a “business attire” dress code has resulted in me purchasing many new clothes. It was difficult to find formalwear that met the requirements of my school and expressed my personal style. My favourite pieces are a bright orange blazer, a black dress with a gold zip down the back, my “pirate” style black skirt, orange/black/white dotted skirt and of course my black ankle boots. My clothing still reflects me but I am almost completely unrecognisable in such formal clothing.

New subjects: I am finally studying three subjects that I love. Physics, maths and psychology. The three of them work as a perfect trio with an undertone of mathematics. I am fascinated by astronomy and the logic behind how the universe operates so I have taken a liking to physics. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction and beauty of a long mathematical answer. Psychology: The study of the mind, is something I have always been curious about and I look forward to studying for the first time. It thrills me to finally be able to work on three areas that I am passionate about, including my extended project qualification which will allow me to work independently on a topic of my choice.

New experiences: The change in my school environment has opened up many opportunities for me including school trips, clubs, experiences and meeting new people. I want to take this with both hands and try a little bit of everything to really get a sense of sixth form life at its best while making the most of the possibilities available.

New goals: To the fact that I have developed so much in the summer as a person my preferences and dreams have changed accordingly. This has directly impacted my goals for the upcoming academic year. I am eager to see what yet I have in front of me to come!

What does the change to a new academic year mean to you?



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