Advice: Back to School

As many of you already know, I am moving to a grammar school to take my A-levels in the sixth form. Throughout this journey, I have learnt a few tips to adjust to the change, these also apply to starting a new academic year…

Introduce yourself: When I first meet somebody at school (taster day’s for example), I say something along the lines of “Hey I’m Rachel, nice to meet you!”, a great conversation starter is what subjects you are talking:  “I’m studying physics, maths and psychology, how about you?”. This is good for discovering if you’ll be any classes together. When asked, “So Rachel, tell me about yourself!” I personally froze up momentarily but calmly responded with “Well hi, I’m passionate about dance and I volunteer as a “sales and stock assistant” at Oxfam bookshop”, responding with my most up to date passions or little random things that make me unique.

Get people’s contact details: I used to find this kind of awkward but I learnt the best way was to get their phone number (not social media firstly) with a simple “Oh while I remember, can I have your number?”, an effective way to keep in contact and find each other while at school. Completely chill and understanding.

Meet up with new friends outside of school: THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU! I met one friend at taster day, I asked her out for coffee only to find myself going to yoga classes, Nandos and coffee with her and her friends (this allowed me to bond more with them and meet more people). As well as making some incredible friends it allowed us to discuss school related concerns about starting A-levels. Really supportive environment, remember you are all in the same boat!

Be yourself (cliché I know): Be you. That is all anyone hopes for you. Be real.

SMILE (also cliché): A friendly face is always warming right?

Say yes: Opportunites, events etc will always give you experience in different situations with different people!

Take part in clubs and other activities: Try them, even just once. Who knows you might love an activity you didn’t know about or make friends with something in common. Give anything a go!

I hope this helps one of you!!!!!






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