What I actually learnt during exam season

  1. A hot bath with bath oils, candles, tea and playing a Ben Howard album the night before an exam is the best way to unwind.
  2. Preparing breakfast and lunch the night before avoids stress the next day and you don’t have to worry about buying/preparing food between revision sessions and exams.
  3. There isn’t much a hot cup of tea can’t solve. It hydrates your body, minimises headaches and soothes your mind.
  4. Going on a “coffee-detox” consisting of only drinking decaf-coffee through exam season may be tough at first but it leaves you with a more steady energy level and without a caffeine craving every morning. I personally found it helped to reduce anxiety.
  5. An hour after an exam has finished, log into Twitter and laugh at all the memes and jokes made about the exam you sat. It is important to relax after taking an exam!
  6. Headphones in, music loud and a short stroll resets the body and mind to a resting state.
  7. The most important thing to do after coming home is to change into a comfy hoodie and fluffy socks with a cup of tea before tackling any more revision or beginning to unwind.
  8. I know you won’t believe me but your friends and family are trying to help you! Please try and be kind!
  9. Netflix? Spending my study breaks in the library with headphones binging on Big Bang Theory a miracle cure for brain fog after an exam!
  10. When the time comes to collect your exam results take a deep breath before tearing open the envelope. Once you get home you may dispose of the notes you no longer require. This is your reward for your hard work. Blast some music out loud and dance and sing as loudly as possible. Be proud of yourself!
  11. Start revision early on but little and often. Past papers and practice questions are your new best friends! This reduces pressure and stresses closer to exam time.

But…work hard and play hard. Care for your body and your mind. It’s a balancing act. Your mental health is worth too much to sacrifice. 


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