I’m back on the scene. Here is what happened when I touched turn back in the dance studio…

Wednesday night. The night before my birthday, the night before my exam results.

City centre dance studio. This made a change from my smaller, less known classes.

I danced among university students and young adults in the intermediate contemporary class, I wasn’t the best dancer in the room but it inspired me to work towards the top and this EMPOWERED me.

Sweet contemporary. The style was more technical than I’m used to but there was this beautiful, almost spiritual understanding throughout the class of self-expression. This meant that very dancer danced the same choreography but with their own personal edge. This resulted in a varied and interesting performance within the class filled with passion and purpose, this is something I have struggled more with expressing in other classes I have been to. I felt, a little more alive.

These dancers were leaps ahead of me in ability and I knew that and I felt oddly out of place, but I kept working and began to close the gap although it made me feel uncomfortable. I aim to continue going to class and working on my strength, flexibility and technique to improve myself as a dancer. This inspired me.

I loved the diversity of the class. Men, women, adults, teenagers, of every body type but all with the common passion for the movement. It was truly an entrancing atmosphere to be a part of. The class required more of my physical muscular strength than I am used to as I had not properly danced in over a year before this point and this challenged my confidence but I didn’t give in.

Inspire and empower…


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