Dancing with a stranger

Rustic and quirky pub. Live music. Worn and well loved wooden floor with antique furniture. 

One brave move. I kicked off my brown clunky boots and walked 15 steps up to the open space by the piano. A slow mellow song. I danced, I had no plan or routine but I danced everything I wanted to say in exactly my own contemporary way. I was completely lost in the moment and the thrill of dancing spontaneously with an audience of people dining. The music stopped and a round of applause followed as I came out of my trance and walked back to my table.

A while later. One braver move. I walked up to the gentleman in the corner and asked him to dance with me. I found he was a rock and roll dancer. We asked the musicians to play us something. We danced, I had never met this man before neither had I danced this style. He lifted me, I span, we danced. Ending with a hug with the stranger who danced with me. A round of applause and a thank you from his family and friends. 

Brave and spontaneous moments…


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