Too tired TV

How much TV a lazy and sleepy teenager enjoying the rain with a fluffy cushion and too many boxsets can watch in a week (unless otherwise specified)…

Miranda: Whole series

-Classic British comedy which reminds me of my primary school best friend who loved this and reminds me of my childhood.

-Easy to watch (perfect 4pm awkward afternoon time watching) and hugely funny while staying relatable

The big C: Season 1

-It is about a mother who gets cancer which is serious but it is a comedy and is all expressed positively

-Easy to watch and great characters once you get used to them and understand their past

Orange is the new black: Season 1

-About a women’s prison (sounds simple, NEWS FLASH: it is not)

-A little difficult to understand but once you get to know the character and get used to the atmosphere of the setting it is very funny

-Long one hour episodes which are great to pass time and keeps me fully engaged

-I absolutely love this programme, Netflix you have done me proud!

Friends: Season 1

-I want friends like this!!

-Cookie dough and twister? YES!
-Makes me want their life but very funny and you develop a great bond with the characters and their lives

-Easy to watch and lots of episodes!

Big bang theory: Season 1-9 (over a few months)

-Scientists…great for a bit of inspiration

-20+ min episodes, 20 a season, 9+ seasons… kept me busy!


-Easy down time chilled programme

How I met your mother: Whole series (over a few months)





House: To watch soon

-But apparently, my parent’s loved it


—Does anyone else struggle to remember the character’s names in a series?—

—What are your favourite TV programmes?—



What do you think?

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