Weekend Getaway

A summary of my weekend away alone to visit friends…

Wednesday : Friend arrived at my house in the late evening but I shortly went to bed.

Thursday: We went out for coffee at a local chocolatier, I had a cappuccino and a chocolate brownie but I didn’t manage to finish it (it was very rich). I took her to my Oxfam shop and I served her at the till. We then went home (I was very tired and not feeling the best so I spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching Miranda)

In the evening we began the four hour drive back to Leeds while listening to a Paloma Faith CD , stopping at KFC along the way for a Burrito and a power nap before finishing the final leg of our journey.

She showed me her fancy auto cruising technology in her car (very cool!!)

We arrived at 9pm to big hugs from her family and a cosy bed for me to sleep in.

Friday:  I went to my friend’s optometrist shop to “help out” in my sophisticated green dress, black jacket and black ankle boots. Though I soon found myself curled up in café Nero, drinking a chai latte, messenging friends before splashing some cash on a new candle at a local shop.

We went back to the house. I made myself a nook in the corner of the sofa, with a fluffy blanket, chocolate tea (yes, that’s a thing, it’s amazing), watching Mary Berry on Iplayer.

We later went shopping to Morrisons to get some food but we forgot the shopping list! Yet somehow we managed to buy everything we needed without forgetting anything!

A lovely homemade vegetable curry later, hot shower and an early night was much adored. A perfect hygge ending to the day.

Saturday: “G” made me eggs on toast for breakfast with some yummy stuff on it but I can’t remember what it was! I lounged about watching Saturday Morning Kitchen with her. We ( the family and me) took off to Betty’s in York, my favourite coffee shop EVER!! I had afternoon tea: consisting of sandwiches, a scone and three mini yummy cakes, washed down with classic British tea.

We watched some people spread butter with a fork? Why????

We went around narrow streets in York while we were there but I was very tired so we shortly headed home. I spent the rest of the evening catching up on YouTube (guilty). We had pesto pasta for dinner, while contemplating if salad goes with pasta. I do believe it does! What do you think?

Sunday: Mini pancakes, big hugs goodbye and a ride in the Porche to the train station. I’m not one for fancy cars but I cant help but love the speed and feeling of wind through my hair.  I stepped onto the train and found my first class seat (which was cheaper than second!!). Leather seat, coffee, food and wifi. One happy girl!

Which brings me back to now. I’m on the train blogging.

Thanks for a lovely weekend.





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