Where did she go?

Ummmm….so?? It has been a while!! Where did I go?


August 2016: Summer Holidays

September 2016: Back to school, dance company finished

October -December 2016: GCSE mock revision

December 2016: GCSE mock exams, Christmas celebrations

January-February 2017: Rest and planning for exam season 2017

March 2017: GCSE revision begins!!

March-May 2017: GCSE revision

May-June 2017: GCSE exams and end of year celebrations including prom!!

July-September 2017: Study leave, NO SCHOOL!!!


Meanwhile. From I had a lower mood than usual, which puzzled me. I might write about this at a later date but I’ve worked hard and taken the advice to feel better and I am now, almost fully recovered.

Now what?

So now…I’m volunteering three to four times a week at my local Oxfam bookshop. I truly love this job. I plan to spend my summer spending time with family and friends as well as having a much-deserved rest until my A-levels starting in September for two years! Obviously as cleché, as it sounds, my overall aim for the summer is: to have fun!

What about BrillTeen?

Yes. Let’s be real. I was so busy with exams my daily routine of school and three hours of revision each night I had no time for this blog. I don’t want to put myself into a structure of when I’ll post, however, I’m hoping I can use my new found inspiration and passion to write some inspiring content for YOU!


After all. In the long list of unique things that make me, me… blogging has always been one of the first.


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