Company Love

~This is a draft I found. I danced in a dance company for almost a year. Unfortunately my dance teacher closed her company, along with the company and the dance classes. I’m sure I’ll write about this another time but I’m glad I captured this memory.

Today I spend six hours in total with my lovely company. We first went on a two hour photoshoot together. We leaped and jumped our way through fields and stretched upon several bridges. With several random changes from red shirts, black and our company hoodies. Together. Like a team. We bonded and laughed are way through every moment and came out with some beautiful photos.

We then separated into three groups, one by car, two by foot. My friend and I grabbed a iced caramel latte from…Costa. We then grabbed a pasta salad and headed down to the studio in which everybody arrived at EXACTLY the same time! Weird or what? We sat in a circle and drank coffee and ate our salads. Literally everybody was eating salad. Dancers being healthy! Salad circle!

I changed into my company crop top (which I am obsessed with) and begun our contemporary class which went so quickly but the choreography was beautiful. In company rehearsals we learnt a 40’s inspired dance and choreographed another for a performance next week.

Looking back on the photos and memories we made today its beautiful how close the company is. So supportive! I stretched on the bridge and everybody way really impressed at my flexibility progress. Memories like our salad circle and bridge stretches were never intended but I will remember for a while now. How we all wore our matching crop tops to contemporary and looked stunning (if I say so myself.) It’s beautiful to be so close with these wonderful people, the sense of belonging to the company and how together we make a team and how much they honestly mean to me now. Beautiful.


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