Be the real you…

The pure, glossy, smooth finish she has perfected to seal and shield her raw imperfections.

The concealment. The camouflage.

The pure reality of the truth…invisible. She isn’t scared of her impurities, she’s scared of the judgement. The thoughts that whirl through your head like a hurricane. Uncontrollable.

Analyse her. I dare you. She doesn’t revolve around a mathematical formula.  She equals an uncertain outcome. So what’s the point?

You rummage through your mind in minute detail, you try to evaluate her, box her into a category. With a label. You can’t.

That’s the point.

You can’t. She flys free from the ropes that bind her, that ground her, that urge her to be one certain thing. She’s fuelled by ambition and passion. Wild and free.

The crazy uncertainty of her mind, she knows.

-Inspired by a piece of creative writing I wrote in my English lesson yesterday from the perspective of if a wall could talk, I based it on secrets but I wanted to experiment with taking that a step further. Weird? I know! Obviously not aimed at anybody or anything just a little exploration of the techniques I used in the piece. I’ll be sure to post the original soon! Thanks for reading, any feedback would be appreciated!



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