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Today I want to talk about books…

I’ve recently read three books. After you, Everything Everything and Beautiful Broken Things.

The first is about getting over love between Louisa and Will after he dies.

The second, how love develops between two teenagers.

The third about the love in friendship.

Not many authours choose to capture love in friendship and most frequently choose the love between a couple. But what struck me in “Beautiful Broken Things” is how it explains so beautifully the jealousy, the change and the hope in friendships and yet can manage to cover the inside jokes, the effortless understanding and the love between friendship which is so frequently forgotten in books.

I believe there are three types of love. The first: between a couple, the romantic kind. The second: the love between friends and the third: the kind which is both the first and second combined. The first is so commonly celebrated and discussed as is the third every so often but never have I ever read a book that captures the second so purely.

I think that the first is the easiest to find, followed by the third then the second. I couldn’t tell you which is the most important but I also think there is a forth love. The one from yourself for yourself, most commonly known as self-respect.


All  four are mostly based on trust and time. But I want to talk about the second…


I can still remember vividly the second I met my closest friends. Where we were, how we met each other, what we said or did. I can tell you about the inside jokes, the stories, and the secrets but what I can’t explain is how it is possible to look at someone and have a conversation without saying a word, how you can identify how they are feeling just by watching them stand, how they can see straight through the lies however hard you try to hide the truth, and most importantly how they never leave your side…

…That I cannot explain.

Thank you to these wonderful authours and these wonderful books who inspired this post!



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