Parrot Cake

Recently I made a marbled vanilla sponge cake cut into the shape of a parrot and then I piped different coloured dots all over the cake to make it look more like a parrot! I spent a while planning this cake and I want to pass on my top tips for planning cakes, it sounds like a simple thing to-do but you really have to know every detail of the cake your going to make!

Top Tips for Cake Planning

  1. Think of a shape for your cake- for this cake I chose a parrot shape
  2. Think of the flavour of the sponge and possible techniques (e.g. marbling) and colours-I chose to have a vanilla sponge that I marbled using the colours yellow, green and blue
  3. Design the decoration- I chose to use coloured butter icing in dots
  4. Find a way to get the cake into the correct shape e.g. cake mould, cut the cake…-I made a card template to use to cut the cake into a parrot
  5. Make sure you have ALL the ingredients you need before starting to bake
  6. Put your apron on, preheat the oven and get baking!

I hope this helped some of you design and bake your own cakes! Happy baking everybody! 🙂



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