My Leap: A year, a moment of reflection

It has been one year. I don’t remember much. I remember smiling. I remember hurting; a lot. I stand here still, surrounded by friends I truly feel grateful for; blossoming relationships. I pushed myself past boundaries I thought remained stationary, on my own watch, not yours. I have spoken in front of hundreds, four times in eight months. I used to hide from exposure, anything that made me vulnerable. I sit here studying psychology at my living room table only now appreciating the beauty of my growth. To find something you love is rare. I volunteer for a suicide awareness charity, … Continue reading My Leap: A year, a moment of reflection

The timed we shared

I’ve been thinking about time a lot recently. How four months of a new school has changed, how my life is the same yet the polar opposite of how it was last year. The people I’ve only just met but call my best friends and act as though we’ve known each other for years. The people I went to primary school with but now understand me in a way nobody has before. The people I went to primary school with, didn’t talk to for five years and now we talk in like family. The people who used to hate me, … Continue reading The timed we shared