My leap: Headgirl?

I applied for the position of head girl. All it took was an application letter. I was then shortlisted from 17 other girls to a list of 8. Then the manifesto. Next came the interview, the panel: head girl, head body, headteacher, deputy headteacher. Then the husting. I tripped up. I really did. I started talking about fluffy socks and goats. WHY RACHEL??? It was so humiliating, I still cringe at the thought. I love public speaking but not on the spot. My manifesto was kind of cool, I got quotes from my friends about me…maybe had a goat in … Continue reading My leap: Headgirl?

My Leap: A year, a moment of reflection

It has been one year. I don’t remember much. I remember smiling. I remember hurting; a lot. I stand here still, surrounded by friends I truly feel grateful for; blossoming relationships. I pushed myself past boundaries I thought remained stationary, on my own watch, not yours. I have spoken in front of hundreds, four times in eight months. I used to hide from exposure, anything that made me vulnerable. I sit here studying psychology at my living room table only now appreciating the beauty of my growth. To find something you love is rare. I volunteer for a suicide awareness charity, … Continue reading My Leap: A year, a moment of reflection